Herbal Medicine

Creating a living herbal home apothecary that is suited to you and your family’s particular constitution.

Our Professional Herbalist tailors the herbal garden to have the right medicinal plants for you and your family.

We use the principles of Traditional Herbal Medicine which work with Western Herbalism, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.

Your tailored herbal garden will keep you healthy 

and allow you to deal easily with health concerns that you are prone to.



A large part of the herbal medicine tradition is to nourish ourselves

 in this finer way to prevent illness and promote a good and long life. 


For colds we plant angelica, lovage, hyssop, sage and thyme.


For rashes and high fevers, plants like catnip, lemon balm, mint, chamomile, yarrow, basil, feverfew will treat these well.


For chest-based infections and coughs we would grow mullein, coltsfoot, marshmallow, chickweed and elecampagne.


Making teas, enhancing cuisine, putting the herbs in the bath; footbaths, handbaths, or whole baths, making oils or tinctures to preserve the medicines.

Edible Flowers and Herbs

Walking down the garden path and brushing up against the marjoram, sage lemon balm and rosemary.

The simplest way to incorporate herbal medicine into your life is adding some to food. However, with not much effort a wide range of easy and joyous herbal cuisine is possible with breathtaking results.


    • Floral butters, for instance Sage Flowers and chives 
    • Purple basil flower oil and or marjoram infused oil
    • Ice-cube trays of frozen scented geraniums
    • Borage flowers, also known as the starflower, go well with summer salads and are very good for heart related issues. As is said, Borage brings Courage.
    • Or hollyhocks and mint flowers with a fruit salad.

    Health in our hands, health at home.

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